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Who Needs Estate Planning?

Who Needs Estate Planning? Why it is so important and not just for the rich.  You have an estate. It doesn’t matter how limited (or unlimited) your means may be, and it doesn’t matter if you own a mansion or a motor home. Rich or poor, when you die, you leave behind...
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TOD or Living Trust?

TOD or Living Trust? A look at two basic methods for shielding assets from probate. How do you keep assets out of probate? If that estate planning question is on your mind, you should know that there are two basic ways to accomplish that objective. One, you could...
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The Fine Art of Flexible Estate Planning

The Fine Art of Flexible Estate Planning Specialized trusts & private loans can help address some “what ifs.” Estate planning professionals often contend with ambiguities. A plan may need to be modified in the future when some development in family life occurs –...
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