‘What’ Comes After ‘Why’

Dec 20, 2017Kirk Johnston

What comes after why…..

I recently had a conversation with a couple that wanted help deciding what to do with the money they had saved. I started the conversation where I always do, by exploring why money was important to them in the first place.

We had discussions around questions like:

1. Why are you saving?

2. Why are you spending the way you are?

3. Why is your money invested the way it is?

These questions were not used as big sticks to hit them with, rather, questions like these are tools to inspire awareness without judgements, shame or blame.

It became clear that the reason money is important to them is that it allows them the freedom to continue to do work they love. Their art and writings. It was obvious to us all that the money should be invested in a way that increased their sense of financial security, so they could continue to do things that might not always work professionally.

What is amazing to me is how clear the WHAT becomes, when we first get clear about the WHY.

What follows why.

May I suggest that if you don’t know WHY you’re investing, it is impossible to correctly determine WHAT to invest in. Instead of trying to figure out if you should Bitcoin, or Hedge fund, or Index… (can you feel the tension of that noise?) …spend that time getting clear about why your investing in the first place. When the WHY is clear, the WHAT becomes simple.

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