Medicare Myths Busted

Oct 7, 2022Medicare/Long-term Care

Every year from October 15 – December 7 is time to review your Medicare insurance plan and make sure it still meets your needs and budget.

Medicare insurance can be complex to understand. It can be hard to decipher what’s true and not. Here are some common misconceptions along with the truth.

#1 I am covered by Medicare Parts A & B

While original Medicare covers some expenses it does not cover all. Consider your health needs now and for the future.

#2 My spouse/neighbor/friend has a good plan that I want

Just as each person is unique, each Medicare supplement plan is unique to fit one’s needs and budget. What works for someone you know may not be best for you. It’s best to review your options.

#3 I can choose a plan online and save money

Whether you choose a plan on your own or work with a local, trusted agent does not affect your cost. By teaming up you get knowledge to help navigate your options and convenient service after the plan is in place – at no extra cost!

If you haven’t scheduled your appointment yet, contact us to set a time that works. We can meet virtually, on the phone or in person. 

Neither Encore Financial Group nor its agents are affiliated with the Federal Medicare program.

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