Getting Involved

We are involved in select local partnerships to help grow futures and provide support to those in need.

Along with helping in local food kitchens and the like, we frequently participate in community programs to share important information about solutions like long-term health care, social security and life insurance. We believe it is important to talk about these things both in our offices as well as out in the community. Finally, our advisors work in the communities in which they live, making the ties to their work and community that much more meaningful and impactful.


Providing Opportunity

One of these programs includes paid summer internships. College students and emerging professionals are able to focus on learning the financial and insurance industry in an approachable environment. The goal of the internship program is to help someone develop professionally and provide employment opportunities in our community.

News & Events

Marquette location

Location now open in Marquette, MI!

Shred Day

It’s time to spring clean and shred unneeded documents that could put your identity at risk!

Dennis Hesselink Awarded

2016 Paul E. Martin Community Service Award


“I had just changed my major to Personal Financial Planning [before interning]; therefore I didn’t have much knowledge of the field upon starting. I can confidently say when I left, I did not feel the same way.
Being exposed to the industry and being around the team increased my knowledge tremendously. My internship positively helped in my decision to pursue personal financial planning as a career.”

Briana Franz

2013 Summer Intern

“Before accepting an internship position, my knowledge of both the insurance and finance industry was very little. My experience has given me a wealth of knowledge of the industry, and of a professional lifestyle that has been greatly beneficial. The team at Encore made me feel welcome from my first day, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experiences and opportunities that I had over the summer with Encore Financial Group.”

Mason Elliott

2016 Summer Intern

Our Mission

At Encore Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping members of our community achieve and maintain financial independence. We do this via a holistic approach to reducing risk, offering protection services and potential growth opportunities for our clients who love their family and are serious about their money.

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