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Your employer cares about your future so they offer an opportunity for you to save for your retirement. It’s a start to invest in your group retirement plan but what other pieces of your financial future should you consider? These resources, along with help from your Encore Financial Group advisor, will help you create a full picture of your financial success. Start with the quiz below to see where you are on the retirement journey.

Get the Most Out of Your Plan:
  • Optimize your contributions : Are you making the most of your contributions? Use this calculator to see if there is a shortfall.
  • Understand your plan’s design : Encore Financial Group advisors speak with new participants individually as well as each group annually to review their plan details. Need a quick refresh? Talk with an advisor.
  • Create goals and track your progress : Use this calculator to see if your savings is on track to meet your goals.
  • Protect your income : Do you have efficient protection? There are a variety of cost-effective ways to insure your income and retirement savings. Review your coverage to make sure when life happens you and your family are covered.
Featured Lessons:

Our retirement professionals are here to provide education and help you understand your retirement plan in order for you to meet your goals.

Our explainer videos can help answer some common questions about investment planning.
Can you time the market?
Roth vs Pre-tax

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At Encore Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping members of our community achieve and maintain financial independence. We do this via a holistic approach to reducing risk, offering asset preservation and growth opportunity strategies and potential growth opportunities for our clients who love their family and are serious about their money.

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