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Elevate your career with Encore Financial Group.

At Encore Financial Group, we understand the complexities that successful financial professionals face every day. Your time is stretched thin as you attempt to run your business, grow your practice, and, most importantly, serve your clients.

We provide our financial professionals with the support they need to run their practice efficiently so they can focus on attracting new clients and providing excellent service to their current ones. We offer an experienced and knowledgeable back office team, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and a robust lineup of products and solutions.

We also value and appreciate our professionals’ ability to customize their practices to meet their clients’ needs. You know your clients better than anyone. We believe that you should have the flexibility and freedom to run your practice your way.

Why Choose to Partner With Encore Financial Group?

  • Work with an experienced and knowledgeable team of support staff, compliance professionals, and subject matter experts so you can focus your time on your most important goals.
  • Enjoy attractive payouts from a broad and diverse suite of products and strategies.
  • Take advantage of robust technology platforms to elevate your service to your clients.
  • Collaborate with other successful and experienced financial professionals to share ideas, strategies, and best practices.

Is Partnering With Encore Financial Group Right for You?

At Encore Financial Group, we support independent business, providing tools and resources. We welcome the opportunity to connect with professionals from a broad range of backgrounds and specializations. Is it time for a change? Take the assessment to learn more.

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Our Mission

At Encore Financial Group, we are dedicated to helping members of our community achieve and maintain financial independence. We do this via a holistic approach to reducing risk, offering protection services and growth opportunities for our clients who love their family and are serious about their money.

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